Frankie Segura


Frankie is a freelance makeup artist based in Los Angeles, with an extensive background in visual arts. As a native of various diverse neighborhoods throughout LA, the different environments constantly exposed her to a plethora of art forms and cultures. She further enhanced and explored her appreciation for art by attending the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. After graduating, she focused primarily on the medium of face & body painting, and has been doing freelance work in the industry since 2011.

In 2015, she acquired her make-up artistry certification under the guidance of well-renowned makeup artist, Lipstick Nick. From then on, she has gone to assist other seasoned artists on set, freelance for weddings and special event clients. In 2017, she worked the register as a sales associate at Frends Beauty Supply for almost a year and currently assists Scott Barnes, while freelancing in between.

Frankie is known for her seamless blending and precise application, as well as the ability to use her natural aesthetic instincts to adapt her style to each job's unique make-up needs.

She is always open to new opportunities & would love to hear about your upcoming projects.