Frankie Segura


Pin-Up Girls

We're halfway through summer and there are still many festivities taking place during this time! A couple of weeks ago, I got two clients ready for an outdoor rockabilly festival. This was particularly exciting for me as I was a huge fan of retro glam and vintage clothing during my high school days.

Over the recent years, I've noticed that older makeup and fashion trends have exponentially gained much more recognition because of social media. As a geek myself, I think this is great because it gives people a chance to know the history of earlier eras as well as helping them embrace diversity of culture and style.

My clients wanted to look the part, so we decided to have them wear half-dos with slightly different variations of victory rolls at the top and curled the rest of the bottom section to lay on the side(s). Their makeup called for a polished look that consisted of: a bold red lip, sharp eyeliner, subtle eye contouring, a little bit of blush and a slight bronze to give them that healthy pin-up glow.

Later that day, I was delighted to hear that upon arrival they were flooded with a ton of people asking to take pictures with them and even thought they were there to enter the pin-up girl contest. Score!