Frankie Segura


Makeup & Hair Checklist for Brides to Be!

Bridal season is upon us! Each wedding has taken a lot of planning to make this day remarkable. However, there are several Kodak moments for the bride along the way before the actual wedding date. Here are examples of those moments that will call for a makeup artist and hair stylist, forever captured in photographs to remember them by.

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Día de Los Muertos Makeup & Origin

As a makeup artist, I've observed the calavera artistry evolve over recent years and now there are so many interpretations of it! Usually, certain elements are embedded in the designs like flowers, crosses, spider webs, glitter, hearts, jewels and vibrant colors. But the overall theme of death and life intertwined remains. This juxtaposition of symbols and color illustrate the visual dichotomy where neither can exist without the other.

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